Attract new customers and reward your regulars

850zip business membership connects you with your best customers

Local and independently-owned businesses join for free. Get the word out about your company, attract new customers, reward your regulars, and build
your reputation as a community supporter through our giveback program with selected Arizona-based non-profits.

How it works

Step 1: Sign up

  • If you own a local, independently-operated business located in a zip code that begins with “850,” sign up as a Business Member for free when you see 850zip at an event or right here on this website.

Step 2: Create your offer

  • You know your customers best, so you know what kind of offer they would love most. What will entice them to visit you and keep them coming back for more?
  • Your 850zip strategist is available to help you develop a special offer that delivers the return you need and the benefits our Community Members desire. Members love feeling like VIPs, so make sure your deal is unique to 850zip and isn’t used for other promotions or programs.
  • Once we receive your offer, we’ll post it within 48 hours, announce you as a New Business Member on social media, and send you a welcome packet with our window sticker and onboarding kit. It‘s that easy!

Step 3: Welcome Community Members

  • Post your 850zip window sticker on the front door or another prominent spot to let people know you’re part of the 850zip family. Then, tell your team about the program, and teach them how to apply rewards when Community Members present their Memberchip™.

sign up

You win BIG when you join 850zip

Our Community Members pay modest dues to receive loyalty offers from their favorite locally-owned businesses. These funds help drive the 850zip
marketing engine.

By harnessing the power of these dollars, we maximize your exposure on a far greater scale than most small business budgets can support. Let’s work
together to create BIG wins for SMALL businesses!