Calling Corporate Citizens

Give the gift of community

850zip embraces all businesses committed to building stronger communities, including those who don’t meet the ‘locally-owned’ criteria. When you become a Corporate Citizen, you have an opportunity to reward your employees, clients and referrals with discounted Community Memberchips™, which provide access to all 850zip rewards and VIP offers. These poker-like chips are the key to unlock 850zip rewards and VIP offers.

Activating a Memberchip™ is easy! Once your recipient receives their Memberchip™, they can visit any one of our business members to begin receiving 850zip rewards, VIP offers and access to unique volunteer opportunities.

What do you get in return for ‘being the good’ in your community?

  • Increased employee engagement – studies support improved employee engagement translates directly to improved business results
  • A stronger connection with locally-owned businesses who share your desire to provide social and community-minded opportunities for people to give back
  • Recognition and awareness of your company as a force for good

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Our Corporate Citizens