Building a community of intentionally-minded people who promote local economic empowerment and build stronger community connections.


An entrepreneur and humanitarian for as long as she can remember, Kathey Wagner is the founder of 850zip. Doing good in her neighborHOOD is at the core of everything she does; it’s her legacy! As a business strategist, Kathey provides a unique approach for strengthening businesses while building their connections within the communities they serve.

During the early stages of transformation in downtown Phoenix, Kathey saw an opportunity to create an inner-circle of giving between locally owned, independent businesses and the people who live, work, volunteer and play in Phoenix… “Wa-La” 850zip, a hyper-local loyalty program was born! The win-win-win community development model connects people, grows local businesses, and builds stronger communities.

Kathey examined multiple business models while creating 850zip and determined the core tenants of a B-Corporation, including a commitment to social purpose, desire to build sustainable revenue, and goal to give back to local non-profits, best aligned with 850zip’s vision “to create a community of intentionally-minded people who promote local economic empowerment and build stronger community connections.”

It’s also important to Kathey that 850zip complements other local initiatives and creates collaborative partnerships without duplicating services. Since inception, 850zip has identified organizations and community leaders who share her passion to make the world a better place for everyone!

Kathey’s lifelong goal to build a legacy that gives beyond her years fuels her commitment to grow 850zip to 10,000+ community members, and a diverse core of businesses that reflect the culture of this amazing city we call home, Phoenix, Arizona.

Linda Watt became a member of the 850zip team in January 2017, after a 30-year career in Human Resources.  She joined 850zip Founder, Kathey Wagner, and is responsible for the operational aspects of the business.

In her chosen profession, Linda’s focus has always been about “people”.  She subscribes to the belief that: It doesn’t matter whether you’re a salesperson, an accounting clerk, or CEO. . . all people make a difference.  We may bring different skills to the table, but we are all equal.  Everyone is allowed to contribute their skills and be part of the team.  In Linda’s mind, the team is always diverse and combines individuality with teamwork.  She believes that teams are best when they can work, play, and “live” together.

Linda also shares 850zip’s key core values: Human Rights, Economic Empowerment, Sustainability, and Animal Welfare.  In fact, that’s what attracted her to 850zip in the first place.  In her former profession, Linda focused on building work teams and helping them meet their goals.  Now at 850zip, she will focus on entire Phoenix communities, and is eager to support the 850zip theme:  When people get connected, businesses grow, communities get stronger and everyone wins! 

And BTW, Linda and her family relocated to Phoenix to actually be part of the 850zip community.

Eddy is currently retired & living his best life with his new family.

850zip was born to create a community of intentionally-minded people who promote local economic empowerment and build stronger community connections. With our mission established, we began searching for the perfect community outreach partner to help us create the nostalgia of the old neighborHOOD feel.

We quickly agreed, a VW Bus would be the 850zip Welcome Wagon for the people and businesses that call Phoenix, Arizona home. Finding a 1970’s bus was not an easy feat. After months of searching, we found our perfect match and once we met the family, we quickly realized this was our BUS!

The owners had to sell the bus because they were expanding their family and needed the monies to finish their home remodel. We saw the pain of the decision to sell the bus, embraced by the joy of growing their family… it was tough letting go. In honor of their love for the bus, we named him after the owner Eddie (a police detective). In keeping with family tradition, we modified the spelling of his name to Eddey.

Watch for Eddey and the 850zippers and give them a honk when you see them in the neighborHOOD.


We work closely with our Arizona-based non-profits to create unique volunteer experiences for our Community and Business Members. It goes beyond service – it’s building sweat equity in our community. We make it easy for you to engage and volunteer in the community.


Eddey is our 1976 VW Bus, and our community concierge. He is constantly searching for meaningful and joyful experiences and has a very active schedule. Eddey would love you to join him on his next outing.

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