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Switch Restaurant Providing Free Meals for Seniors in Phoenix

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Switch Restaurant is giving back to the Phoenix community by providing free meals to seniors and anyone who can’t risk compromising their health by leaving their home due to the coronavirus. “In this time of uncertainty, we’ve got to help each other,” said Chef Jason, who along with his team, is personally delivering meals.

Jason Peterson, who is also an owner of the business, made the difficult decision to stop take-out orders at Switch when traffic decreased significantly after the closure of all restaurant dining rooms in Arizona.  Rather than throw away the food at the restaurant, he chose to give away free meals to seniors and other people who are most in need of help.

The initial surplus of food on-hand when the dining room closed has been exhausted for some time due to the overwhelming response to his offer.  However, Chef Jason has vowed to continue providing 40 free meals a day for as long as there is a need. 

We love Chef Jason’s heart and what he and his team are doing to for our community.  To support this amazing effort, please click on the GoFundMe page link below and give what you can.

Your donations help offset the cost of gas required to deliver the meals, as well the cost of the food and to-go containers.  If you know a local produce provider or a meat distributor who can help, please put them in touch with Jason at Switch.

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